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I usually post this monthly, but I'll pull April's entry from my other site since I'm a bit content light so far. This is a set of mini-reviews for most of what I watched, read, or played throughout the month. I only post about things that I consider "Completed" usually. A complete episode of an episodic game, finishing a main storyline of an MMO, watching an entire season of a TV show, etc. I keep a count of how many of each type of thing I complete during the year...

I was busy this month on episodic games mostly. Only managed 1 book.


8. The Multiplex Man, James Hogan. Interesting book for being written in the very early 90's. Talks about the US turning into a green socialist monstrosity, while the former Russian held countries went off into space without us, and had significantly more freedom.


3. Wolfenstein 3D. Played the PS3 version of this. Took about 8 hours to get through all 6 episodes, but I was trying to be thorough. I noticed quite a few issues where too many sprites would overload the game, then I'd be getting shot at by invisible enemies. Wonder if that was in the original too?

4. Sam and Max: The Penal Zone. Pretty good humor in this one. Definitely worth the money.

5. Penny Arcade: On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness part 2: Not particularly challenging nor long... The battles do get a bit annoying towards the end. Especially the last boss. Takes about 10 minutes and then it's mostly out of your hands... I do wonder when they'll get part 3 out.

6. Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. This one seemed awfully short. Pretty funny though.


23. The critic, complete series. Man, they do like to beat a joke to death in this one. It is chortle-inducing though. My wife really likes the series. The second season really lightens it up from the rather dreary first season. The Add-a-kid is a bit one dimensional though.

24. The Chronicles of Riddick. An interesting end to the whole pitch black thing... I wonder if they'll make a sequel. *shrug* I'm not sure it's worth seeing a sequel in theaters though.

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